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FlashBash PhotoBooths

have been GREEN from day one! 



Here's How:


1. We save trees!  We offer online downloads for all pictures!  Not only do your guests get to see their pictures online, but they get to see the whole gallery online!  A password protected gallery will host all of the images from your event, and all downloads are free for every guest!  Instead of getting one print out of a picture you may not even like...you get to take unlimited digital photos until you're happy with the shot.  Then, the next day, you can download any high resolution images you love, or print those special few through our printing service!  No need to carry anything around for the whole event!  And no need to waste any trees on those pictures that didn't make the cut! 


2. We reuse!  We use only rechargeable batteries (non toxic and 100% recyclable when possible) in all of our gear.  We even offer a setup (without monitors) that allows us to be completely self contained...No Outlet Needed! 


3. We reduce and recycle! We strive to do all communication and business online, therefore eliminating the need for excess paper.  Any paper deemed absolutely necessary (contracts, etc.)  is shredded and recycled to further reduce our impact on the environment.


4. We buy locally!  Finding fun props, backdrops and equipment is easier and greener when patronizing local businesses, plus it helps our community thrive!


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