FlashBash PhotoBooth Rentals | Phoenix Arizona Photobooth Rental FAQs

phoenix arizona photobooth rental PhotoBooth Rental FAQs:

How is a FlashBash photobooth operated?
It's as easy as 1,2,3! Just push the button to start the 5 second count down...strike your pose...and wait for the FLASH! Start the countdown as often as you like, take portraits, or get goofy with your friends!  No remote controls, no photographer, just you, your friends, and a ton of fun!

What makes FlashBash photobooths better than traditional booths?

Our large, open-frame booth accommodates more guests for fun group shots, and, because it’s not hidden behind a closed curtain, it'll be sure to draw a crowd.  This is a major advantage over the traditional closed-frame photobooths, since they typically seat only two or three guests and don’t allow the social-interaction offered with an open-frame design.

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What type of camera is used in a FlashBash photobooth?

Unlike other traditional photobooths, FlashBash uses a professional quality digital SLR camera to ensure your pictures are sharp and clear.  Because of this higher quality, your images can be printed in larger sizes, and can also be printed on mugs, tshirts, tote bags, and much more!

How many pictures are included with my rental?

As many as you can take! Every photobooth rental package comes with unlimited pictures, so you can click away and not worry!

What else is included with my rental?

In addition to unlimited pictures, and availability to print ALL pictures online, you can also add additional backdrops, a prop box to make your pictures even more fun, extra hours on site, and candid photo services for capturing memories outside t he photobooth!

Can I get a copy of ALL the FlashBash photobooth photos for my event?

Yes! EVERY rental comes with FREE online downloads of ALL pictures!  This way every party guest can have a copy of every picture taken throughout the night! That means everyone will be able to have a complete set of the pictures from the night, instead of just two or three photos printed on site!  A complete collection of the photos will also be given to the party organizer on a DVD.

Is FlashBash available in my area?

We are located in Tempe, Arizona and we serve the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area.  We also provide services in Northern Arizona and the Tuscon area for a small additional fee.  For specific pricing email us with your location and event details.

How do I secure a FlashBash photobooth for my event?

Just email us for availability!


How long does it take to set up a FlashBash photobooth at the event?

Give us 60 minutes and we'll have your photobooth up and running!

What equipment/hookups will I need to provide at my event?

Because of FlashBash photobooths' unique concept, we DO NOT require power or any sort of special hook up to run the booth.  This allows for outdoor events, and other unique locations where traditional booths are not able to be used.  *If you would like a monitor hooked up to show the pictures during the party, that will require an outlet for power.


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How large is the FlashBash photobooth?

The entire photobooth fits within a 7'x9' space.  The ceiling height will need to be at least 8' high.

Will a FlashBash employee be there to operate the booth?

Guests are able to run the booth completely on their own, but a FlashBash employee will be there to make sure everything is working perfectly!

Are FlashBash photobooths available for outdoor events?

Yes! Because FlashBash booths DO NOT require power, we are able to offer our services at outdoor events.  If there is no canopy on site to provide shade, a fee will be charged for us to provide one.  This will ensure proper exposure of your photos.


Do you require a deposit for making a reservation?  And what about a cancellation policy?

Yes, we will collect the entire amount of the booking to confirm your reservation.  The entire amount, minus a 5% processing fee, is refundable if your event is cancelled at least thirty (30) days in advance.  If you cancel your event less than thirty (30) days in advance, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged, and the rest of the price will be refunded.  There will be no refunds issued if the event is cancelled less than seven (7) days before the event. If you need to change the date or time of your event, we'll be happy to accommodate your requests (subject to availability) if your original booking is at least fourteen (14) days away.  If the rescheduled date is not available, the reservation is considered cancelled, and will be subject to the appropriate cancellation fee.

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What if the date of my event changes?

We are happy to change your reservation, subject to availability, if your event is at least fourteen (14) days away. If the rescheduled date is not available, the reservation is considered cancelled, and will be subject to the appropriate cancellation fee.

Do you require a deposit for incidental damages?

In the unlikely case that damages occur to our equipment caused by a party guest, we will keep your credit card number on file and charge a fair market value for the damaged item(s).  There will be no set amount charged or held on your card unless there is an incident.

What other services does FlashBash offer?

We offer candid photography services if you would like us to capture special moments outside of the photobooth as well! Ask us for more details about this service when booking your photobooth.  We are also proud to offer printed photos and photo merchandise online.